Training & Capacity Building

Research Power Inc. supports and creates customized learning opportunities for clients. RPI, together with the client, will identify learning needs and assets in order to develop opportunities based on the client's unique context. RPI has extensive experience in providing training in the public and private health sectors. RPI’s consultants draw on the expertise they have developed in their cross-sectoral work (public, private and non-profit sectors) to offer training and capacity-building in a range of areas. Areas of focus include: evaluation and research; the health care environment; clinical research design; epidemiology; statistical analysis; planning and conducting focus groups; qualitative analysis; logic model development; and program evaluation. RPI’s goal, working together with clients, is to create a training environment that builds both competency and confidence for an organization’s staff.

RPI has also led the development of learning resources and tools (e.g. toolkits, guides, manuals, presentations, etc.). The content of tools and resources is evidence-based and founded on thorough research. RPI coordinates and manages all aspects of the development of tools/resources including writing content, designing the concept and layout, and developing graphics and a visual identity.

Sample Projects: