Project Management & Partnership Development

Project Management

RPI has extensive experience in project management across sectors and in many different topic areas. RPI offers flexible and comprehensive project management services that help its clients achieve optimal results. The knowledge, skills, tools, and thoughtful processes of RPI's team are strategically implemented to support organizational objectives and capture desired outcomes. RPI has experience managing a range of different types of projects, including research and evaluation projects, health networks, and program, policy and resource development.

Services include: development of a detailed project plan; identification of project milestones; creation of the critical path; and support, management and monitoring of the project's progress. On-going reporting and management mechanisms are established to ensure continued project success. RPI's philosophy is that if those who execute the work are also involved in the planning, the execution becomes more efficient, obstacles are identified earlier, and teams become more unified - all requirements for successful project teams.

Partnership Development

RPI demonstrates a wide range of work experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors. These projects have allowed RPI to develop a strong ability to recognize common cross-sectoral objectives that are key to fostering partnerships. Innovative thinking, organizational alignment, consensus-building, and trust are the fabric of RPI's unique approach to building environments in which meaningful collaboration and dialogue take place. RPI also facilitates the development of partnership terms of references that serve as a blueprint to foster transparency, communication, commitment, and management of multi-partner expectations.

Sample Projects: