Facilitation, Strategic Planning and Consultations

Facilitation and Strategic Planning

Research Power's approach to facilitation ensures that planning sessions and meetings remain—focused, interactive, and action orientated.  RPI and its clients work together to create an agenda and a process that allow all participants the opportunity to contribute to the collective problem-solving and innovative solutions.  Critical to the process is a  timely synthesis of key findings to provide direction and guide next steps. RPI assists clients to identify a vision and guide the  strategic planning process to produce a clear, concise, and practical action planning framework.  Fundamental to the strategic planning process is building trust, communication and commitment with key stakeholders.


RPI has carried out consultations with stakeholders across the public, private and non-governmental sectors. Consultations have helped to inform the development of policy and programs, or to gather input into needs assessments, evaluations, and strategic plans. As with RPI’s work in research, evaluation, and environmental scans, RPI uses a range of traditional and innovative methodologies to gather data during consultations, including: interviews, focus groups, story dialogues, and surveys (using telephone, mail, or internet-based questionnaires). RPI works collaboratively with the client to identify the objectives of the consultation and the stakeholders to be targeted, and uses rigorous methods to ensure that high quality data is collected. RPI can present consultation findings in any form desired by the client, including written reports and oral presentations.

Sample Projects: